Standard FeePer couple, household, family or stateroom$200
Group FeeA group is six travellers or more who are not booking as a family
Per Person
Air Air only$75
Air & HotelAir and Hotel Stay$100
Complex BookingsGroups over 30 people, weddings, partial ship lease, ship lease, please inquire


No, this is a one-time non-refundable payment. Once the fee has been paid, work has already begun or completed on your itinerary.

No, the fee is exclusive of your final trip total.

No. Your fee includes your entire booking, including air and hotels.

This is perfectly normal at the beginning of trip planning. I will be able to guide you and help you make a decision.

Yes, within reason, but multiple and complex changes may incur a rebooking fee. Be aware that airlines typically charge you change fees.

No, unless the trips are back to back in which case they would be considered one trip.